Your bridal bouquet is a really great way to showcase your individual style and personality and anything goes in terms of colours and style. We are showcasing three of the most populars styles from the 2019 wedding season which we are sure will continue to be popular into 2020. Flowers are such an integral part of any celebration and instantly bring happiness and beauty to a room. 

1. Large and lively

Make a statement on your wedding day with colourful wedding flowers. Bright and bold wedding flowers add a splash of vibrancy to your day, especially if you adorn your whole venue with them. Match the colour of your bouquets to the shade of the bridesmaid dresses for the ultimate coordination. Be bold and go bright!

2. Subtle and sophisticated

White wedding flowers embody simplicity, innocence, and romance. Wedding styles come and go, but white never goes out of style: it’s a classic. So whilst keeping your bouquet subtle and sophisticated you can also add pops of colour to add simple interest such as this gorgeous bouquet of peonies below.

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Urban Bridesmaid

3. Rustic and Rural

A wild-looking bouquet filled with different textures means there are endless details to catch your guests’ eyes as you walk down the aisle. Dried vines, branches or seed pods can lend a unique, rustic vibe to a romantic flower arrangement. When it comes to rustic bouquets, they are usually less formal than other floral arrangements and you can afford to have different flowers placed more sparingly. Using foliage can really help fill gaps and create a more rustic, woodland-style look.

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